Great Pizza – Come Get Your Great Pizza!

TripAdvisor recently released their list of the best pizza places in Westchester County. The ratings were determined by a combination of user reviews and editor reviews.

Burrata Wood Fired Pizza took the crown for Eastchester.

We can totally vouch for how good their pizza is. As lame as it sounds, we absolutely love their plain cheese pie. Highly recommend that everyone stops here when they visit!

Barnes and Noble – Beer Coming!

Have you heard that Barnes and Noble is going to start serving beer at several locations?

Eastchester is lucky enough to have one of those locations come October. The Barnes and Noble at the Vernon Hills Shopping center is going to be one of only a handful of locations that is going to be offering the service.

In fact, the Eastchester location is going to be the first of the locations to open. This isn’t just throughout New York, they’re going to be the first location to open nationally!

The location is going to keep their standard Barnes and Noble setup, with that added twist that the cafe area is going to be expanded to include a craft beer and wine bar and additional seating.

Barnes and Noble expects that more millennials are going to read in their locations, rather than cafes such as Starbucks.

The town of Eastchester expects that commerce in the area is going to increase by at least 15%. This is much welcomed revenue for the town.

Alert: Keep your dog safe this 4th of July

With the 4th of July holiday upon us, we want to give everyone a friendly reminder that they should be keeping a lookout for their dogs.

Dogs, with their acute sense of hearing, are particularly vulnerable to the loud noises that fireworks make.

Did you know that veterinarians report a sharp increase in emergency visits as a result of dogs getting scared during fireworks?

While there is never any mal-intent from dog owners during the 4th of July celebration, owners should do all that they can in order to ensure that their dogs are secured. One thing that experts recommend is to place your dog in a dog playpen when you’re fireworks are about to go off. This gives your dog a safe space, where they won’t be able to hurt themselves.

Please remember your dog this 4th of July. Have a happy and safe holiday!

Breaking News: Eastchester Schools in Lockdown

Eastchester schools have been temporarily locked-down. We will update when we have more information.

Update:: The lock-down has been lifted and school has returned to normal. The authorities are currently investigating the reason for the lock-down. Unfortunately, the school district is declining to comment.

Eastchester Football Team Loses in Semifinals

A tough loss for the football team on Saturday. Despite a late swing of momentum and a nearly epic-comeback, Eastchester High was unable to mount the full comeback.

The team lost 27-19 in Saturday’s game to Our Lady of Lourdes High.

The team went into the season with high expectations thanks to coach Fred Dicarlo. However, there are a lot of highly-rated 8th grade recruits coming to the team this upcoming season. Surely coach Fred Dicarlo will have the team begin working towards next season immediately.